Semi-Permanent Make-Up In Brighton & Hove

An Unique Boutique Beauty Salon In Hove


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Enjoy professional semi-permanent make-up treatments in a relaxed, luxury, personal salon.

If you are looking for a real VIP experience rather than the hustle & bustle of a busy High Street salon, then My Home Your Salon is the place for you!

Our luxury, boutique salon has been designed for a professional yet relaxed environment, you couldn’t be further from the hustle and bustle of a busy High Street salon.

Located in a beautiful home in Hove, you can enjoy a unique, relaxed yet professional environment in this boutique hair salon.

Designed to cater for only two clients at a time, you can be sure of a personal service like no other!

Maryam Salehi, formerly the owner of The Usual Suspects Hair & Beauty Salon in Church Road, Hove, qualified at Vidal Sassoon in London and has over 10 years of hair and beauty experience.

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Treatments

Our professional semi-permanent make-up treatments are long lasting solutions to your beauty needs.

Ideal for women and men of all ages, semi-permanent make up is a great option for those who want 24 hour beauty without worrying about re-application, streaks and removal during daily life. There are also great for those who are allergic to conventional make-up, sports enthusiasts, those with poor eyesight or shaky hands, or if you simply find applying your make-up as a chore.


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A semi-permanent eyebrow is an ideal solution for eyebrows which are too light or too fair, broken by a scar, partial alopecia badly positioned or asymmetrical, eyebrows too low or drooping, patchy or swirling eyebrows, insufficient eyebrows- too short, lack of eyebrows or surgically damaged or scarred.


Eye Liner

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A semi-permanent eyeliner is great for a deeper more seductive look, when eyelashes are too fair, scant or lacking, for women whose eyes are inclined to water in the wind, cold, light, etc, for those with poor eyesight or have trouble with application.


Lip Liner

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Semi-permanent lip liner is an ideal solution to the age old problems with lip pencils and lipstick, they rub off when eating, smoking or kissing. It will also help if your lips are too thin, too thick, asymmetric, have a badly defined outline or are too pale.


Touch Up

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A semi-permanent beauty spot is a great way to cover up minor imperfections or can be applied just for fun.


9 Tongdean Avenue, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 6TL

Monday to Saturday 9.00am to 7.00pm.